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Recuperative burners LBE Ecomax

Recuperative burners LBE Ecomax

Burner output range

Ecomax 0 = 25 kW
Ecomax 1 = 36 kW
Ecomax 2 = 60 kW
Ecomax 3 = 100 kW
Ecomax 4 = 180 kW
Ecomax 5 = 250 kW
Ecomax 6 = 500 kW

We offer for sales Ecomax recuperation burners of various lengths and outputs according to your requirements. If you are interested or have any questions, do not hesitate and contact us using the inquiry form or call directly on our phone numbers.

Use:Robust constructions for industrial applications, direct ignition, ionization monitoring, high load. The burners are suitable for direct and indirect heating. Economical and energy-efficient operation thanks to internal air preheating up to 700 ° C. Uniform temperature distribution with high burner pulse.
Connection:For furnace steel construction
Flame monitoring:Ionization, UVS
Ignition:High voltage spark plug
Automatic burner option:BCU, IFD, PFU and many others
Range:Flame detection max. 25 uA
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