Entire Systems of Ladle Heating, Heating of Tundishes, Nozzles andOther Containers

Our company can offer a complex solution for ladle, tundish and nozzle heating as well as heating of other containers. We design heating systems with an emphasis on the highest quality with the lowest possible failure rate and maximum fuel economy. The control system, including...I want to know more

Customized manufacture from stainless steel

In our manufacture we use stainless steel and aluminum, which are materials often used not only in various industries, services but also in households and gardens. We make use of our long-term experience as well as of modern technologies due to which we are able to guarantee maximum...I want to know more

Electrical Distributors

Manufacture of atypical low-voltage electrical distributors to be used in various industries. Usually we design and produce various electrical cabinets for different technologies and machinery manufacturers, including the software. Our distributors are equipped with the control system,...I want to know more

Machinery and Equipment

When dealing with our customers we have experienced requests to manufacture new machinery and equipment as well as requests to modify the construction of their present equipment. We deliver technologies with emphasis on… When dealing with our customers we have experienced requests to...I want to know more

Air Ducts, Pipeline for Water, Steam, Heating and TechnologicalGases

Assembly and delivery of technologies: delivery and assembly of pipeline systems (for heat, air, water, steam, and coolant) reconstruction of heating systems - in productions, boiler rooms in block of flats reconstruction of boiler rooms insulation of pipeline systems water and gas...I want to know more

Burner Systems and Burners

We design burner systems for incineration of both liquid and gaseous fuels for industrial furnaces and heating systems. We work with the latest burners by top producers but in special cases we are also able to manufacture burners of our own design and construction. We choose the burners...I want to know more

Engineering and Project Preparation, including Software Solutions and Visualization

We offer our customers preparation of project documentation for specialized machinery and equipment as well as for technological steel constructions. Using specialized software, our constructers process the documentation from the initial study to the detailed production documentation....I want to know more


We offer electrical and mobile compressors by well-known manufacturers. We also provide our customers with warranty and post warranty service and sell filtration elements as well as spare parts. Screw Compressors authorized KAESER commerce representation and service we sell screw...I want to know more


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